Karen Isabel Myers, CHT and Owner

My Approach

I’ve treated Professionals, Housewives, Children, Students, Retirees and Spiritual Seekers. They’ve all opened the door to their own truth and wisdom and I’m always deeply honored to assist in that process.

You are a unique individual and deserve to be treated as such. There are no cookie cutter answers and only you have the wisdom to learn what works for you best. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Advisor and Certified Aromatherapist I have many tools for you to access and learn and thus, bring you to your best emotional, physical and spiritual state of being. My job is to only help you find your own voice.

My Story

In 2011, after working in the health field and studying psychology and religion for almost thirty years, I was called to Action. My resistance to becoming a counselor had disappeared and I opened my business. By 2013 I had stumbled into a scholarship at a hypnosis school and I had found exactly the tools that I’d been wanting to teach my clients!

I immediately began to use hypnosis in my practice and teach workshops at yoga studios, health clubs and for private groups. I was in LOVE! The joy of being present for such transformation, to be able to hold that space for clients was humbling.

In February of 2019 I had moved my office to The Plaza building in Windsor. I had lots of fun creating a comfortable and comforting space that accommodated both traditional counseling and hypnotherapy. I use custom blend essential oils during my sessions on request and so now I also had space to display products that my clients can purchase.

Currently, COVID19 is hitting California. My work had always been so personalized and based in being present physically that it was a tough transition for some of my clients to go online, especially if they had children at home. For those who continue to come on site, I sanitize the office space thoroughly and I periodically get tested for COVID. For some that are able to transition to online appointments I use a secure telemedicine service named Doxy.me.

As for everyone, it has been quite a journey for me the last several years. Upheaval towards becoming more is always unsettling. I’m blessed to put into action everything I’ve learned to stay centered and at peace in myself. Continuing to work is the most grounding and life affirming gift of all.

I Thank You.

“The only voice worth listening to is the one who helps you find your own.”

Next Steps…

Smart Tip #1: Call me or come in for a Free Consultation! This will leave more time during your first session to concentrate on you.

Smart Tip #2: Purchase three sessions or more at a discounted package price.

Smart Tip #3: Returning Clients will often request a 1 1/2 Hypnotherapy appointment combining both talk therapy and hypnosis allowing themselves the luxury of using their time in the way that is best for them each session.

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