I’ve had decades of experience listening and grasping onto the core of a client’s story. Often it feels like I’m pulling back a curtain of words that cover what has always been there….the true unmoving message that is attempting to be expressed. My job is to help you hear it.

When you arrive to my office for spiritual counseling, you’ll be met with comfy chairs and probably hot tea and slippers. I’ll let you choose your own essential oil fragrance to use in the diffuser to help you feel calm and focused.


This is much more like a traditional counseling session where I listen, help you tease out what is causing the concern and I’ll validate, help you re-frame if necessary and construct a clear plan of action before you leave. Sessions vary depending on your needs. Some days you might just need to be heard and validated and others you may be ready to jump into a solution right away. Other days a short guided meditation can be woven in, to help you gave insight from within.

Examples of the most common topics that my clients are working on: Romantic relationships, entering a new phase of life, professional related issues, and family. There are really so many more facets to life and to a human being that I’ve probably counseled 30 more separate issues!

I respect you and your time. I hope to be able to work with you one day.