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  • I'm a certified Essential Oils practitioner and have been creating my own blends for 6 years. Originally used during my hypnosis and counseling sessions I began making these custom blends on request. Each blend is its own unique experience. Try them all! Choose your Blend and then Choose your Option
  • Inhalers are light, easy to carry- just twist off the top and breathe/ Pretty Glass Roll On Perfume Bottle is 2oz and can be used to apply under nose or on pulse points/ Body Butter is made from organic ingredients in small batches. Comes in a cute glass pot. Refills in your original pot gives you a discount!
    Created during the fires of Northern California this original essential oil blend is grounding,calming and increases focus.
    It's been studied, published and proven! These essential oils enhance Memory when inhaled. Use during a studying or another event which you would like to commit to memory and/or use this blend when you wish to recall the information received at that learning event.
    This blend is a little more expensive but worth it! Using the heart healing oil of Rose and other floral EOs, heart ache and grieving are comforted and loved into wholeness.
    Three dollars to ship or pick up at the office for free
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