“The only voice worth listening to is the one that helps you find your own.”


Specializing in Professional, Spiritual, Emotional Growth and Insight.

This is for anyone in Transition, Grieving or who wants to break free into their Best Self.

Hypnosis is a safe, self-loving way to enrich who and what you are.

Spiritual Counseling and Meditation Sessions

Feel the support of being seen and heard. Working as your spiritual advisor we’ll learn about your expression in life and the spiritual paradigm from which you operate. Contact your higher self for insight into your life purpose and relationships.

Learn easy meditation techniques to use at home and work to help ease anxiety, increase effectiveness and communicate better.


Essential Oil Therapy

I began using Essential Oils during my client sessions and found them tremendously helpful in initiating a sense of peace and deep relaxation. After attaining my EO Certificate I began producing essential oil inhalers giving my clients an inexpensive and easy way to reduce stress, enhance memory and improve their sense of well-being.


I first started my spiritual counseling business in 2011 under my non-denominational ministers license to meet my clients where THEY were using proven therapeutic techniques to address the whole human being in all its expressions. After starting a successful private practice that included teaching private meditation workshops as well as traditional talk therapy sessions I knew that it was my clients themselves who had the power and the information within themselves to change and heal on a profound level. But I was missing the link that would help me quickly assist them to that state of mind so they could open the door to their own wisdom…

Going Within during an alert trance state was the Answer

Although I had seen tremendous healing experience during the guided meditation classes I’d taught, assisting someone into deep meditative state while still being alert and verbally communicating gave me the platform to help clients go deeper and have life changing experiences. Alert Trance Therapy or Hypnotherapy was the answer I’d been looking for and one that clients have embraced.

Hypnotherapy has helped many of my professional clients find and use tools to excel in their business and personal lives.  Hypnotherapy has also helped many of my clients emotionally heal from past trauma and gain access to their god and goddess within.

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Initial Counseling Session 1-1/2 hours $95

Subsequent one hour sessions: $60-$75 sliding scale

Initial Hypnotherapy Session 2 hours $150

Subsequent 90 minute sessions: $120 or Three session for $300

One on One Meditation 60 minutes: $20- $30 sliding scale

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